Homeland Security Secretary: No border wall 'from sea to shining sea'


Homeland Security Secretary: No border wall 'from sea to shining sea'

(Conan O'Brien proposed as much to the citizens of Mexico last month.) The result would, in effect be, a 2,000-mile engraved memorial to the newly sealed border, according to an image provided to the San Jose Mercury News.

Gleason Partners LLC of Las Vegas, on the other hand, proposes the installment of solar panels to cover the various sections of the planned U.S. -Mexico border wall.

Mr Trump, a former real estate mogul, has pledged to build a "big, attractive wall" along the 2,000 mile (3,200km) border.

Kelly said he has not issued a written directive outlining the policy to border agents, but has told employees that he must approve any such separations.

Companies throwing their hat into the ring must have worked on border security within the past five years with a cost of $25 million or more.

Former President Barack Obama's administration also publicized deportations and tried to dissuade Central Americans from heading north, particularly during the 2014 surge of families and children traveling alone to cross the border.

US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly yet again credited President Donald Trump for the decline in the illegal migrant inflow and also attributed the change to "huge cooperation" from the Mexicans. Customs and Border Protection chose that site for its accessibility and to evaluate the bids "as part of the larger existing border infrastructure", said a CBP spokesperson.

Since it seems like Mexico isn't paying for the wall as President Trump has repeatedly claimed, there are a lot of questions about how the massive structure will be funded.

Parents and children caught crossing the Mexican border into the United States illegally generally can remain together, the Homeland Security chief said Wednesday, in a partial reversal of previous comments.

Though it's unclear whether the decline in captures will continue, it upends almost two decades of immigration arrests along the southern border.

"Not as obviously concerned with what comes with the northern border as the southern border, but it is our border, so I'm concerned with all the borders", Kelly replied. "It's unlikely we will build a physical barrier from sea to shining sea, but it is very likely that we'll put it where our men and women say we should put it".

Another contractor, Yahoo News reported, citing an Associated Press story, asked if authorities would "rush in" to defend his employees if they face "hostile fire" while working on the wall.

The FY 2018 Budget Blueprint, released February 16th, sought $2.6 billion for high-priority border security technology and tactical infrastructure, including funding to plan, design and construct the border wall.

Kelly said that decline in the number of people trying to enter the United States illegally won't continue unless his agency gets the resources needed to secure the border.

"We won't build a wall where it doesn't make sense", he said during the April 5 hearing, adding that the physical makeup of the project was still coalescing.



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