Here's why Donald Trump's attacks on the media will keep working


Here's why Donald Trump's attacks on the media will keep working

Just 22% said the media is biased in favor of Republicans.

Among those Democrats who say the media is biased in favor of one party, 43% say that bias is against Democrats while 40% say it's against Republicans.

In a survey taken from February 1 to March 15 involving nearly 14,000 participants, respondents were asked about Trump's statements regarding American exceptionalism, health care, the media, abortion, and other issues.

64 percent of Republicans questioned in the survey between March 9 and 29 stated they thought the media was being too tough on Trump, while 59 percent of Democrats thought it wasn't being tough enough, Gallup reported.

The poll also says Democrats have been more politically active than Republicans since the election.

When the survey of 503 voters interviewed last week was broken down along party lines, 89 percent of Democrats said they disapproved of Trump's style and 81 percent said they disapproved of his policy directions.

In addition to saying the news media favors one party over the other, Americans also say that news organizations are often wrong in their reporting.

In fact, almost 20 percent more Americans believe that reporters get it all wrong when informing America about political dealing - than those who think they have are reporting the facts. In fact, it is even worse.

Results for this Gallup poll are based on telephone interviews conducted March 9-29, 2017, with a random sample of 789 adults, aged 18 and older, living in all 50 US states and the District of Columbia.

New polling from Gallup suggests that Trump's view of the media is widely shared among the very Republicans who helped fuel his rise the 2016 primaries.

It's into that political/media environment that Donald Trump was born, was raised and has prospered. "But given the way Election Day unfolded, with Trump pulling off an upset victory despite being written off by much of the media, the allegations of media bias may not have been so far-fetched". One instance occurs in an editor's note with links to articles provided by the Left-leaning Huffington Post, which resorted to name-calling in an attack against the Republican candidate - in an overt attempt to put his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, in office. How the presidential polls were skewed was questionable - at best. "This coverage seemed to impact voters' sentiment regarding whom they expected to win the presidency".

Another poll by the Pew Research Center indicates that Americans are growing unhappy with the feud between Trump and the media. "Yet the media's negative coverage could not stifle Trump's supporters".

"If he drops a few points among GOPers, Trump's ratings today would look exactly like those of President George W. Bush right before his party was routed in 2006", Cook wrote.

And, while Trump's insistence that news with which he doesn't agree is "fake" generates frustration in newsrooms across the country, it is something that is taken at face value by lots and lots of Republicans.



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