GOP congressman says Spicer 'needs to go' after Hitler comments


The disembodied spirit of the genocidal former dictator from Germany known as Adolf Hitler held a press conference from his residence in the seventh ring of Hell in an attempt to distance himself from White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt today put out a letter he sent to the press secretary, writing, "When the first days of Passover ended and we turned on our phones and televisions yesterday evening, we learned about your comment that Hitler did not gas his own people". While they had been off the Internet, celebrating the Jewish exodus from Egypt in the time of the Pharaoh, Spicer had said in a press briefing that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's actions were worse than Hitler's, though Hitler took Jews to "the Holocaust centers".

On Tuesday, Spicer said Syria's chemical weapons attack on civilians was worse than anything Hitler did.

Spicer's Hitler comments, and the Remembrance Day letters omissions, would be stunning coming from any US president's administration.

In Israel, the Yad Vashem memorial center urged Spicer to visit its website and expressed "deep concern regarding the inaccurate and insensitive use of terms related to the Holocaust" by the press secretary.

The ADL offers similar programs on an array of topics to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. "I got into a topic that I shouldn't have and I screwed up", Spicer said during an event at a museum in Washington.

But Hitler did order the systematic extermination of millions of Jews who were put to death in gruesome gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps.

Throwing up his hands, Coffman said: "He needs to go".

In a subsequent statement to reporters meant to clarify his remarks once again, he said, "In no way was I trying to lessen the horrendous nature of the Holocaust". The spokesperson suggested that even Adolf Hitler had not used the kind of chemical weapons that Assad had.

Overnight, Israel's Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz called Spicer's comments "grave and outrageous".

Coffman called Spicer's remarks and delivery "incompetent".

Cramer initially said "I think he apologized and that's the end of it".

Spicer has repeatedly apologized for his comments, calling them "inexcusable and reprehensible".

There was widespread acknowledgment that the chemical attack was disgusting and the US needed to respond, he said.

Do you agree with Howard Stern - should Sean Spicer be fired?



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