Google Maps lets you play Ms. Pac-Man for April Fools'


Google Maps lets you play Ms. Pac-Man for April Fools'

Getting a head start on the fun, Google has placed Ms. Pac-Man on the Google Maps similar to what they did previous year.

According to The Verge, Google Maps updated its maps to include the game "Ms. Pac-Man".

Ms Pac-Man came out one year after the original Pac-Man debuted in 1980. Google Maps lets users play Ms. Pac Man on app and desktop for April Fools' Day. All of the usual Ms. Pac-Man sounds are there and you can navigate by simply swiping on the screen in any direction.

Google's love of video games goes well beyond April Fools' Day. You should also keep in mind that you will get 5 lives before you lose. To toggle the game, just look for the "Insert Coin" icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, and whatever part of the world you're looking at will be instantly transformed.

Just open the app and you'll see the a little Ms Pac-Man icon on the right. The franchise has had some down years as of late, but releases like Pac-Man Championship Edition have definitely helped bring it back to the front of many gamers' minds.

Whether the game brings you somewhere random or drops you where you are is a bit unclear, so to be safe you may want to try choosing your own location.

Google is known for adding date-appropriate surprises to its search interfaces, and April Fools Day is no exception.

Here are a few interesting game boards I tried out. Ms. Pac-Man was the 1981 sequel to the 1980 classic Pac-Man, and is favored by many players for its increased complexity and difficulty.



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