Get ready to see the Pink Moon!


Get ready to see the Pink Moon!

The full moon has religious significance marking the start of Passover for Jews while Easter occurs the first Sunday after the pink moon.

On April 11 - look up.

Those expecting to see a rosy hue might be disappointed. According to, it's given that name for the wild ground phlox that are blooming through the United States and Canada in the spring. The full moon in April is also known as the Egg Moon, Sprouting Grass Moon and the Fish Moon.

No, the full moon will not actually appear pink Monday night.

It's seen as a special full moon because it signifies something special to a number of different cultures and religions in the world.

The moon will be at peak fullness at 2:08 a.m.

The full pink moon, April 21, 2016. The best time for this lunar event to be enjoyed by sky-gazers is in the middle of the night.

Tomorrow you might hear talk of something called a Pink Moon.

The date of Easter is the first Sunday following the full moon, which itself follows the spring equinox.

Jupiter will be shining bright above and to the right of the full moon, with the star Spica below Jupiter and the moon. While spotting it is as easy as gazing upward, those hoping for the clearest view can consult the light pollution map to find the ideal moon-viewing spot in their area. It will be at its most impressive in the middle of the night, so skywatchers who are out and about will want to look up at the full moon.



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