Galaxy S8 will help Samsung achieve record-breaking second quarter


Galaxy S8 will help Samsung achieve record-breaking second quarter

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is just a few more days away from being released for the public market.

The latest in the media stream says that the Note 8 is coming to the consumer market in the fourth quarter of this year, the same season Apple is expected to release the highly anticipated new iPhone (reportedly the iPhone 8).

One thing which many people complained about is that the new S8 and S8 Plus are too expensive.

Since the Galaxy S8 facial recognition feature uses 2D technology, all a scammer would need to break into it is a picture of the phone's owner.

According to various leaks that have dribbled out for almost a year, all of those features are also expected to arrive with the next big iPhone release. Being the flagship these two devices usually display the best that Samsung has to offer.

With the Galaxy S8, S8+, Samsung has created a attractive looking phone thanks to infinity display, which has no bezels at the sides. The placement is slightly annoying since users could accidentally smudge the camera lens trying to use the fingerprint sensor, but that's that. Additionally, the Galaxy S8 is up to 10 percent brighter than the Galaxy S7, and up to 19 percent brighter in high ambient light with automatic brightness turned on. It reportedly runs smoothly but it remains to be seen how it will behave in the long run. According to a report which aired on 13th of March, Samsung unloaded huge investment in an "under-screen" fingerprint scanner which was to be developed by Synaptics.

Samsung has already rolled out the Android N update to its flagships include the Samsung Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S6.

On top of the Galaxy S8, US Cellular is also throwing in the new Gear VR headset with controller, so you can enjoy some virtual reality along with your new phone. Another significant design change is the addition of a new Bixby button on the side of the phone to activate Samsung's intelligent digital assistant.

Samsung has always had some of the best displays in the business, but DisplayMate concludes in its traditional shoot-out that the S8 is "the best performing smartphone display" it's ever tested.

Samsung has great phones.



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