Galaxy S8: More screen and elegance, but a hefty price tag


One of the great innovations announced by Samsung in the presentation of the Galaxy S8 was Bixby, the new voice assistant based on artificial intelligence. Seeing as the Samsung Galaxy S8 is scheduled to arrive at stores next week, it's a good idea to take a closer look at the phone. But a large number of customers who have received their Galaxy S8 units are complaining about the screens having a weird reddish tint.

In addition to the new design innovations, Samsung delivers cutting-edge technology including an advanced camera, enhanced performance and more to the devices that users love.

"Color issues with AMOLED displays existed before the Galaxy S8", Samsung Electronics said, insisting users can visit its service centers to find out if their devices are defective.

Wondering about the new Galaxy S8's battery?

Unlike LCD smartphone panels using three sub pixels - red, green, blue - the Galaxy S8's OLED panel uses two sub pixels - red green and blue green.

Philip Berne, head of the reviews program at Samsung U.S.A, has confirmed on Twitter that Samsung has indeed pulled the plug on the ability to remap the Bixby button. But now Samsung has blocked the feature, which means that as soon as you update your Galaxy S8 after you receive it, you won't be able to remap the Bixby button. Samsung's Bixby is deeply integrated into apps, which makes it "fundamentally different" from Siri and Cortana is what the company claims. But Bixby offers only limited capabilities at launch.

Interestingly, Google Assistant comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S8. The phone will support the voice acticvated assistant Bixby.

In, perhaps, one of biggest recalls in the history of smartphones, Samsung had asked about 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 users to return their devices last September, hinting at a possible battery problem, following numerous reports that the phones caught fire.

As much as smartphone makers like to trumpet a plethora of new features every time they launch a new flagship phone, it's primarily only improvements to two features - a phone's display and rear camera - that have had much success in recent years at driving strong upgrade activity.

Although not set to hit retailers' shelves until April 28, those who pre-order the phone before April 19 will get the phone as early as the 20th.



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