FCC raises $19.8 billion in airwaves auction


AT&T and Verizon, which were the big winners in the last auction of low-band spectrum in 2008, have built the foundation of their 4G LTE networks on low-band 700MHz spectrum, another sliver of spectrum that was once used to broadcast TV. The company participated in the auction under the ParkerB.com Wireless name.

"We've long maintained that the incentive auction presented a rare chance for a spectrum policy win-win-win - necessary spectrum is freed up to meet demand for mobile broadband, more spectrum is made available for unlicensed use, and those interested in giving up their spectrum are compensated for their trouble". The company believes its competitive with this new swath of spectrum. Almost $1.8 billion will be used to help participating TV stations relocate to new spectrum bands.

The FCC said that it will pay TV broadcasters a total of $10.5 billion for 84 MHz of wireless spectrum.

The auction should speed up networks that have slowed as USA residents move to "data-hungry smartphones", the FCC said in a press release. (NYSE: T) spent just $910.2 million. The reverse and forward auctions have concluded and the results have been announced.

The FCC will collect $19.8B in gross revenue, the second-highest total ever. T-Mobile won the most of any company, snagging 45 percent of all of the spectrum sold in the auction and spending $7.99 billion to do so. NBCUniversal operates news, entertainment and sports cable networks, the NBC and Telemundo broadcast networks, television production operations, television station groups, Universal Pictures and Universal Parks and Resorts.

5G deployment is expected to rely, at least initially, on 3.5GHz band spectrum licenses and millimeter wave bands that exceed 15 GHz. Low-band spectrum is a huge deal because it means that you get better coverage indoors, but also it offers more coverage from tower to tower.

Dish has always been amassing airwaves and has said it will build a wireless network.

The commission releases details on the incentive auction results. But this process is far from over.

"We had expected Dish to be a de minimis player in the auction".

The full list of winning auction bidders is here. We have only reached this point due to their tremendous skill and dedication to this groundbreaking endeavor.

"Again: While we celebrate reaching the official close of the auction, there is still much work ahead of us".

"The faster the repacking process takes place, clearing this fresh spectrum to be put into service, the sooner we see the true benefits of this historic auction", the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation said in a statement.

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