Equinox Confirms Victims of Fitness Center Shooting


Three people are dead after a shooting inside a luxury health club in South Florida on Saturday.

The former employee at a Florida gym who killed two former co-workers Saturday afternoon had just been fired him for "work place violence" and escorted him off the premises.

Shirazi and other friends of Wilson said the man who killed himself and two others was not the person who they knew and loved, and believe there were deeper issued involved.

As bullets started flying, gym goers fled the Equinox for the safety of the upscale mall in which the gym is located, some wearing only towels. [M] y prayers to the families of all'.

A report via Local 10 News told of the shooter being a fitness model who appeared in various print brochures.

"There is nothing I can say to lessen the searing pain we all feel at this bad moment", Harvey Spevak, chief executive officer of the Equinox gym chain, said in a Facebook post on Sunday, Reuters notes. Abeku Wilson, was a former trainer at the fitness club and according to the Miami Herald was just fired on that day.

"She was warm and caring, and she was an expert at guest service", Goldfarb said. Wilson ultimately turned the gun on himself and committed suicide on Saturday, April 8.

The MDFR helicopter landed at the nearby Coral Gables Senior High School's sports field and took the two wounded to Jackson Memorial Hospital's Ryder Trauma Center.

A witness saw Ackerman on the floor unconscious and said Hortis was bleeding heavily but was conscious following the shooting.

Zabaleta said: "The preliminary investigation reveals that this shooting involves a dispute between an ex-employee and fitness center staff".

A representative of the Miami-Dade Police Department, which is now handling the case according to Denham, could not immediately be reached. She said an alarm had been ringing for 15 minutes and police had told the employees and customers that they could not leave the store.

The Equinox gym sent an email to members after both of the popular staffers were pronounced dead.



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