Daesh car-bomb attack kills 16 in W Mosul


Daesh car-bomb attack kills 16 in W Mosul

The U.S. military is trying to determine what chemical the Islamic State group used against Iraqi government forces last weekend, the commander of anti-IS coalition ground forces said Wednesday.

The militants are now surrounded in the northwestern quarter including the historic Old City, countering the offensive with booby traps, suicide motorbike attacks, sniper and mortar fire, occasionally using shells allegedly filled with toxic gas.

Their unit included American and Australian advisers, none of whom were reported injured in the attack.

He also repeatedly declined to clearly state whether any US or Australian military advisers were with the Iraqis at the time of the attack or had been treated for chemical exposure, as some media have reported.

Gen. Martin also declined to confirm whether American, allied and Iraqi forces in eastern Mosul were taking additional precautions to defend against future chemical attacks.

An officer with the antiterrorism forces said ISIS fired a rocket loaded with chlorine.

The Pentagon, however, has "not confirmed exposure at this time", for the USA forces present.

Allawi said he got the information on Monday from Iraqi and regional contacts knowledgeable about Iraq.

The United Nations said last month that 12 people, including women and children, had been treated for possible exposure to chemical weapons agents in Mosul. Of those 52 attacks, 19 were carried out in and around Mosul, according to the report. Please support our efforts.



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