Biggest challenge for Google AI - identifying objectionable videos


Of the publications that got an early look at the new streaming service, few of them were bowled over, but majority seem to agree that it's a promising competitor with at least a few novel features - although maybe not enough channels just yet. But it faces numerous limitations its rivals have. And it will initially be only available in a handful of major USA cities because media rights are still stuck in the 20th century. This makes YouTube TV the most robust streaming package for sports fans without any additional add-ons or bonus subscription packages.

Since most channel numbers and names are meaningless in a digital world, YouTube TV arranges live channels by topic, starting with broadcast networks, sports, youth-oriented channels, then everything else.

Users in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia will be able to sign up to the service.

Some of the biggest brands in Britain and the United States have pulled hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising from Google and YouTube after they were promoted next to extremist content.

In addition to AI, Google is working with third-party companies to offer added monitoring and verification services for corporate ads shown on YouTube - a service that companies have demanded from Google in the past. A search for "nerd comedy" brings up "The Big Bang Theory", but "comedy about nerds" does not. You can enter TV shows, episode titles, movie names, people, and channels.

This latest PlayStation Vue and Sling TV rival brings live and on demand access to over 40 networks as well as an unlimited cloud DVR feature that will add programming to the viewer's personal library. But when you do a search, you often get only a smattering of YouTube results even if the service has gajillions of videos that match the query-and if you choose to watch any of them, you get booted out to the main YouTube app. However, it's not yet clear whether YouTube plans to bring the platform to its smart TV apps. The fact that YouTube TV doesn't have Time Warner and Viacom deals leaves its lineup incomplete-at least if you're thinking of it as a full-blown cable substitute-and it could use more ways to watch it on a TV beyond using a Chromecast.

The Home tab recommends live and recorded shows that you might want to watch based on shows you've selected to record.

. And finally, it's social, allowing you to share videos quickly and easily with friends nearby.



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