Apple pledges to pursue use of 100 per cent recycled materials


Apple has been encouraging customers to return used products for recycling and has melted down iPhone aluminum enclosures to make mini computers used in its factories.

"Apple's commitment to 100 percent recycled materials is ambitious, and highlights the need for greater urgency across the sector to reduce resource consumption and e-waste that are causing significant impacts on the environment and human health", Greenpeace senior analyst Gary Cook said. Apple plans to establish a stable NAND flash supply chain and strengthen the price competitiveness by taking over Toshiba.

Apple said that it will soon stop mining, and manufacture iPhones and iPads from only green materials.

Yet while Apple is happy to announce that iPhone 6s logic boards will be made from recycled tin solder in the short term, the "how" of its closed-loop goal is still something of an unknown quantity.

Karnataka's information technology minister Priyank Kharge told ET that the Centre must encourage high-end tech manufacturing if it is serious about "Make in India".

The iPhone is Apple's most important product, representing about two-thirds of its sales. Apple wants to change that, and instead break down old gadgets and use the scrap to build new products. "We are not much concerned about Apple making iPhones for the domestic market, which will happen anyway", Economic Times quoted a state official as saying. Apple acquired LuxVue, a USA -based micro-LED display developer, in 2014 and has been developing the micro-LED technology and preparing for mass production since then.

In a recent interview with Vice, Apple's VP of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, also commented on Apple's desire to increase its use of recycled materials. Greenpeace pointed out that it also wants Cupertino to make products that are easier to fix and last longer.

Once Apple uses micro-LED displays on the Apple Watch 3, LG Display, which has exclusively supplied OLEDs to Apple's smartwatches, will be hit hard.

The 2017 report also outlines how Apple is doing on its other environmental goals. The paper in its packaging is 99 percent recycled and responsibly sourced and all of its properties (including data centers, corporate offices, and stores) run on 96 percent renewable energy.

Still, Apple's promise is a step in the right direction, even if the company still doesn't know how exactly it will come to fruition.



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