Air Force: Pilot safe after F-16 crashes in Maryland


Air Force: Pilot safe after F-16 crashes in Maryland

US Air Force officials told Fox News that an F-16 from D.C. Air National Guard went down around 9:15 a.m. south of National Harbor in Maryland near Andrews Air Force Base. The pilot tried to turn back toward the base after encountering trouble "but wasn't able to make it in time" and chose to jettison the fighter's extra fuel tanks before ejecting when he was about half a mile off the ground, Corker said.

It is "very fortunate that no lives were lost today", Barksdale said during a press conference. Before ejecting, the pilot moved to a wooded area to ensure the public's safety.

He said he saw a big fireball in the woods and the pilot's red and white parachute. He says the pilot was treated for minor injuries. The pilot's name was not released.

Within 72 hours, officials say a safety investigation conclusion is expected to determine the cause of the malfunction.

A military jet has crashed near Joint Base Andrews near Washington D.C., according to reports. The crash was about 12 miles from Washington, D.C. A black plume of smoke could be seen near Temple Hills RD and Woodells Ct.

"If you heard jet noises driving into the Capitol, it was likely the F-16s from the 113th Air National Guard Wing at Andrews", Goldfein said.

Only one pilot was on board. Corker said he gave the pilot a hug in the hospital but had not yet discussed what happened in detail. He says there are no other reports of injuries.

Officials said EMS found parts of jet burning behind homes, but the homes were not damaged.

Brady told WTOP News that the plane went down in an unpopulated area and that emergency crews are keeping a safe distance due to the potential for hazardous materials.



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