WWE Fastlane 2017 Results: Watch a better, alternate ending in 'WWE 2K17'


WWE Fastlane 2017 is on March 5 at the BMO Harris Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Another spear, another Jackhammer, another Goldberg squash victory in his WWE return. People were starting to get behind Strowman and his monster heel gimmick, with the WWE building him up, but they did all of that just to feed him to Reigns.

However, that leaves the WWE with their premier championship belt in the hands of a part-time wrestler only signed on with the company until WrestleMania, where he will face his fellow part-time foe. Now, barring a loss of the belt on Raw ahead of WrestleMania, the WWE may have no choice but to go ahead and book the imminent Y2J-Owens match at 'Mania as for the USA belt. Whether in tag matches or in a few singles matches as well, the RAW Women's Champion and challenger had seen one another in the squared circle on several occasions in recent years. Bayley did get help to win her title from Sasha Banks and while she said that she would also have her back at Fastlane, Banks might not be able to help her as Stephanie McMahon set up a match between her and Nia Jax. Dot Net Members will hear an exclusive audio review hosted by me and Jake Barnett on Sunday night. Reigns has been pushed to the top of the WWE but clearly isn't working. It's inevitable. Goldberg will enter WrestleMania as the Universal champion.

So, without further ado, let's get into what WWE probably has in store for us tonight.

Always resilient, however, Bayley continued to look for her windows where she could get some offense rolling. Ugh, comedy mid-card match, no thanks, that shouldn't even be booked, and are we sure that will be a match and not a fighting segment?

The other high profile match will see Roman Reigns square off against Braun Strowman with the likelihood of The Undertaker, the former's rumoured WrestleMania opponent, making an appearance.

Crowd favourite and grappling legend Goldberg took minutes to dispatch Universal champion Kevin Owens and will more than likely go into 'Mania as champion. But with that out of the picture, all we can do is waiting for Lesnar to finally avenge his two losses and win the Universal championship from Goldberg at WrestleMania 33.

- WWE is teasing a continuation of the Charlotte Flair - Bayley feud. Also, how does Charlotte not raise a stink about Bayley and Sasha teaming up on her, thus resulting in that dreaded Triple Threat match at Wrestlemania 33?

The Raw booking staff seems to have backed itself into the awkward corner of having the championship on a superstar that doesn't necessarily need it in the case of Chris Jericho. Kevin Owens vs. Chris Jericho?



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