Who Is Danny's Father On 'Iron Fist'? Wendell Rand Has Many Secrets


Who Is Danny's Father On 'Iron Fist'? Wendell Rand Has Many Secrets

Some characters from the previous four series will also be joining The Defenders, so keep an eye out for Elodie Young as Elektra, Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing and, of course, Rosario Dawson as, a role she's played in each of Netflix's Marvel series.

This is the first Netflix/Marvel show that has been critically panned before its debut. With them, it borders on unconscionable.

Netflix has had tremendous success with its interconnected line of TV shows set in the Marvel Comics universe, focusing on street-level characters that have compelling stories but don't require the cosmic special effects budgets of a Thor or Iron Man.

Wing is a central character in Iron Fist, giving writers the needed hook to involve Claire in the storyline.

When asked about what changes Danny undergoes between the two shows, Jones offered this: "By the end of Iron Fist, you get a better idea of where his head's at".

While Iron Fist's male opponents launch straight into battle, the Bride begins by flirting with him.

But it's Iron Fist's friendship with Cage that's really special. After the plane crash, he was taken in by martial art warriors in the mystical city of K'un-Lun.

There's also the problem with the action-or lack thereof-in Iron Fist. "But I haven't been able to talk about it at all until yesterday, really".

Jones, so bratty and appealing in his brief stint on Game of Thrones, is stymied by his character's American accent. Then came "Marvel's Jessica Jones", a sarcastic P.I. with super strength and the gift of flight. Eventually, anyway. The first few episodes of the show aren't sure what to do with Colleen, so they have her participate in underground cage fights and lecture some urban teens. All this while, he tries to convince his old friends, siblings - Joy and Ward Meechum - who have now taken control of this parents' legacy company, that he truly is their old friend, Danny. On the night of her bachelorette party, she finds her fiancé (who's also her co-worker, also the boss's son) in an explicitly compromising position, and her outrage is not in the least diminished by the fact that she's lashing out at him with a sex toy. Her supposedly badass comebacks and fight scenes might seem profound whittled down to brief social-media posts, but in the episodes they're lifeless. That might all sound like the makings of a complex and interesting character, but there's no weight behind any of it, no shape or texture or objective. They're all plodding and empty, too little plot stretched out over too many episodes.

Crucially, Iron Fist reveals that the Hand have more enemies than we thought. "What's interesting about the comics is that there are so many different iterations of the Iron Fist, which gave me more freedom to create the one we all wanted". "We need more stories like that and God bless Netflix and Marvel for making those characters and making that statement in the show".

The actor has specifically called out Donald Trump as a reason why "Iron Fist" isn't being well received. He meets a pretty, katana-wielding love interest! As children, they would eat the candy together, every single color: except the brown ones. For its clumsy (at best) handling of Asian culture first and foremost, yes. Spoilers will follow, so if you haven't made it through the first six outings yet, bookmark this page and come back later. But what kind of hellish Stockholm syndrome have we been battered into where that is a reasonable thing to say? "I don't think that gets touched on".



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