Vehicle crashes into U.S. gas pump creating huge ball of flames


Vehicle crashes into U.S. gas pump creating huge ball of flames

Witnesses said they saw a 2007 Nissan X-Terra speed past them and then clip the side of a Honda Accord, which pushed the vehicle off the road. The Civic slid sideways across a planting strip and hit a tree, splitting the auto in half. The SUV then flew over a curb toward a Shell station. According to the gas station manager, he hopes to have half of the pumps up and running by the end of the day Tuesday.

After hitting the Civic, the Uber driver's Nissan continued northbound for two more blocks before crashing into the gas station at the corner of 4th Avenue Northwest, which is across the street from the QFC shopping plaza.

The 35-year-old driver of the Accord was trapped inside the vehicle as a result of the crash.

The driver of the Civic was seriously injured and died on Wednesday, according to Harborview Medical Center.

The 35-year-old driver and 40-year-old passenger were both hospitalised, and an Uber spokesperson said the driver had been "removed from the app".

The SUV also collided with another auto and pushed it off the road, causing it to crash into a tree. His own SUV kept going, and there are witnesses who say he might have tried to break or had a blown tire. Firefighters quickly put the fire out. Police, who administered a sobriety test at the scene, later took a sample of the driver's blood for analysis.

The passenger also went to the hospital for minor injuries.

Now in terms of this accident, it's currently under investigation by Seattle police.



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