Trump supporters come together, hold rally after president's controversial tweets


Trump supporters come together, hold rally after president's controversial tweets

They said they're tired of turning on the television and seeing protests and rallies against the president, and want to show that there are many who support him.

Welch said she's exhausted of seeing President Trump "dragged through the mud".

Supporters of President Donald Trump held a second day of small rallies on Saturday in communities around the country, a counterpoint to a wave of protests that have taken place since his election in November.

"After this, I think people will take the hint", said former U.S. Marine David Moore, 42, a participant in the rally.

Granted, the man on the ground above was seen earlier engaged in an aggressive exchange with an anti-Trump protester...

"People feel like they can't let their foot off the gas and we need to support our president", said Meshawn Maddock, one of the organizers of a pro-Trump rally of about 200 people in Lansing outside the Michigan State Capitol building.

4 p.m.: After marching about six blocks through downtown Berkeley, protesters from both sides came back to the civic center park, where police moved in and arrested a Trump supporter. A total of 10 people were arrested, including five for battery, four for assault with a deadly weapon (including one with possession of a dagger) and one for resisting arrest. "A group with bricks was detained, and their bricks confiscated'". The Berkeley College Republicans brought Yiannopolous to campus, but they say they're not affiliated with Saturday's event.

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Organizers said that about 400 people are expected to attend the "spirit of America rally".

One person was hit on the head in the melee and another one had teeth knocked out, White said, adding that police made one arrest.

Some reports also indicate that some of the counter-protesters responsible for the violence came from the militant activist group By Any Means Necessary and the so-called "black bloc", two groups that many blame for the violence at UC-Berkeley last month. "That's why they're doing it in front of cameras to make us look bad", Bryan McKetney said.

Mrs. Huss, representing Concerned Women for America, bases her decisions on issues such as when candidates believe life begins, and on religious freedom issues.

The Pennsylvania march's GoFundMe page, which accrued $360 of their $5,000 goal, said: 'The Grass Roots of Pennsylvania.the forgotten people, who were silent no longer on November 8, 2016 and voted RED for Donald J Trump are facing more challenges today. Near Mar-a-Lago, the Palm Beach Post reported that people on both sides exchanged profanity.



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