The Bachelorette season 13: Premiere date hopes, filming for Rachel Lindsay's journey


The Bachelorette season 13: Premiere date hopes, filming for Rachel Lindsay's journey

The Bachelor is nearly over, and Nick Viall just eliminated the woman who's already been invited to be the next Bachelorette: Rachel Lindsay. Read on to find out everything you need to know about the season finale of The Bachelor and what time The Bachelor finale starts. The Bachelor has had several incidents of cold feet throughout Season 21, and he even went as far as to hint to Andi Dorfman during her cameo that he may not get engaged at all at the end of the season.

According to TV Guide, Nick will introduce Raven and Vanessa to his family. While Nick Viall made his decision at the end of this season about five months ago, Rachel will probably have to hold onto her secret for a little more than two months.

Harrison said that Viall's final two bachelorettes were both wonderful but are completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Nick Viall may pop the question to Vanessa when Season 21 of "The Bachelor" comes to a close, but will she say yes?

Vanessa confessed that she wouldn't be comfortable if she was chosen if her relationship with Nick is just 'slightly greater than someone else's, ' referring to Raven.

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He isn't the only person linked to "The Bachelor" that's been teasing the finale.

"They could not be more different these two", Harrison shared. It looks like Nick meets with Neil Lane for the fourth time and picks out, yet again, an engagement ring.

Let's just hope now that the casting directors find some good people so that Rachel isn't left with a bunch of duds, or a group that was clearly all cast before ABC decided that they were going with her as the lead. We see it in the preview video, but Us Weekly said it is a 4-carat diamond that is worth $93,000!

What do you think of Nick's choice for the victor on The Bachelor 2017?

In large thanks to Corinne, this season of The Bachelor has sent Twitter abuzz with more than three million Tweets and couting.



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