Texas baby dies after city says 'Ghost Calls' overwhelmed 911 operators


Texas baby dies after city says 'Ghost Calls' overwhelmed 911 operators

Alex said she rushed home to pick up her son and get him to a hospital, but that was almost an hour after the babysitter had made the first call to 911 and by then, Brandon had stopped breathing.

Repeated hang-up calls are flooding the 911 center in Dallas, causing massive backlogs, and no one can figure out why. "It is outrageous that T-Mobile still has not resolved the ghost-call issue that is putting Dallasites in danger by clogging our 911 system", Mayor Mike Rawlings said Tuesday.

However, if Stoddard County Dispatch ever gets backed up, their calls are forwarded to Sikeston DPS.

T-Mobile executive David Carey says they first started to notice the problem last fall.

Regardless of what the city says, there is absolutely some accountability that needs to be taken by city officials and T-Mobile, particularly because this unsafe issue has been happening for months and is not yet resolved. Callers end up getting put on hold as operators try to catch up. "I need to know why my son of six months is gone, that's what I want to know".

Sadly, Alex was at a funeral for another family member when she got the call from the babysitter.

A memo to city council says at one point there were 360 calls on hold, each for 30 minutes.

Operators then must call back these numbers to verify if emergency assistance is needed, or if police must be sent. "And we've got to make sure that it never happens again". He also advised the city not to hang up if this happens to them when calling 911. "Alex rushed from South Dallas back to her Far North Dallas home and drove her son to Methodist Hospital for surgery in Addison", but he died that night, the report said.

The boy's mother, Bridget Alex, told the station that she was at her sister's home when her baby sitter frantically called her, saying her 6-month-old son had fallen from a day bed and was unconscious.

Rawlings said city leaders have had "long and frank conversations" about the ghost calls with T-Mobile executives.

"I want to hear from T-Mobile that the problem has been fixed", she says.

Brandon Alex's babysitter was reportedly on hold for more than thirty minutes while trying to call 911 multiple times.

"We will stay on this until it is fully resolved and everybody can rest comfortably that when they call 911 and they call for an emergency request for help, it will be addressed immediately", Carey said. Alex sped home and took Brandon to the hospital; he was pronounced dead almost two hours after the first 911 call. The cause of death remains undetermined, CNN reports. Within an hour of being brought to the hospital, he was pronounced dead.



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