Tesla Model 3 Prototype Caught Cruising Down the Street


Tesla Model 3 Prototype Caught Cruising Down the Street

Believed as the first-ever SUV developed by the famous electric automaker Tesla, the Model X is said to have effectively joined all of the stunning aspects of premium SUV ownership.

According to reports, the Model 3 battery cell production is already scheduled to begin in the second quarter of this year.

According to the report, the Tesla Model Y will be revealed to the public in 2018. The Model X and the Model 3 will also follow suit later this year.

The Model 3 is Tesla's first mass-market vehicle priced at $35,000 before federal tax incentives.

The Model S 90D will be the first Tesla vehicle model to be delivered in Korea, with the Model X and the Model 3 to follow shortly after. The rumor is that the Model Y might cost around $45,000. Still, that hasn't stopped Tesla enthusiasts from speculating on what a Model 3 crossover might look like. It is also expected with eight cameras for 360 degrees view as well as 12 ultrasonic sensors.

Tesla Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) may be planning to show off its next vehicle in 2018. Tesla Motors Korea will start operating directly-run service centers in Deungchon-dong, western Seoul and Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, respectively, with a combined workforce of around 10 to offer maintenance services on core functions of its cars. But EV fans expressed excitement over the new model that Musk himself called "40 times" more powerful compared to older Tesla models.

The Model Y is part of the corporation's plans to increase annual vehicle production. Considering the Model Y had been scheduled to be released before either of the two truck models is an indication of the possibility of a rollout soon.

Weight reduction and using tire technology could further reduce the acceleration speed of Tesla Model S in the future. The objective is to build 100,000 units of the Model 3 by the end of 2017.



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