Spolier alert: Fans react to This is Us finale


Spolier alert: Fans react to This is Us finale

USA Today writer Robert Bianco, however, liked that the finale didn't provide an answer - " "This Is Us" is not a mystery, and providing a solution to a puzzle is not the point", Mr. Bianco wrote - and he seemed satisfied by the first season of the show as a whole. We know that in the future, Rebecca is with Jack's best friend, Miguel (Jon Huertas), but as viewers we assume this happens after Jack's death.

Creator of the hit show - which has been picked up for two more seasons - Dan Fogelman echoed those sentiments: '[The finale] is definitely the darkest place we've been'.

So much for all those "Jack is too flawless!" sentiments that were flying around earlier in the season. It's suitably poetic that Rebecca's musical aspirations are what brought the couple together and later threaten to tear them apart.

But the episode, titled "Moonshadow", was far more complex than that. Rebecca, meanwhile, relinquishes her dream of a singing career, which she gives up for marriage and children and delays again later when Jack shows up to her gig angry and drunk. He promises to get help, and to call Ben and apologize. Instead, both Jack and Rebecca were meant to be on dates with other people that night.

Rebecca hears the violent brawl and angrily drives a drunken Jack home. She says she feels like a ghost, since she has no life as a housewife and the mother of three teenagers who don't need her anymore and a husband who waltzes in at 8 o'clock, if he feels like it, recaps his day and then passes out.

There were no answers as to how Jack died, and in fact no mention of it at all in this final hour. At the same time, maybe the fault is in us for putting our own expectations (albeit expectations that were hinted at incessantly) on the show. This isn't merely a exhausted housewife, this is a woman at a crossroads, seeking deeper meaning and an identity outside of her family. 'And not the me that you've conjured up about me over the years?' Rebecca pulls away before they can lock lips and yells at Ben for trying to make a move on her.

When she comes downstairs to find him on the couch, it's a relief - at least to us viewers - but Rebecca points out that they can't take back everything they said, even if they regret the way they said it. So instead of being reminded of why she loves this man, she got to see the worst of him. Jack says to tell them the truth.

Back in the past, it turns out that Jack is not the one that Rebecca was set up with, but some businessman, while Jack is planning to rob a bar with a friend of his. While fixing Mrs. Peabody's auto, she questions how he came back from the war in such good spirits, and he explains that he didn't have it as hard as some people because he was only a mechanic. However, Chris Sullivan, who plays older Kate's love interest Toby, said the wedding will be beleaguered with couple issues typically rising in wedding prep.

The morning after their fight in the present, Jack is getting ready to move in with He-Whom-Everyone-Hates (Miguel), but just before he leaves, he tells Rebecca all the things he loves about her. You dated this woman 21 years ago and now you're gonna try and break up her marriage?

Mandy Moore promised fans would be upset while speaking with Variety earlier this month.

The Pearson children, known as the Big Three, weren't prominently featured in Tuesday's episode, but we did learn a bit about their plans. "It changes everything - and maybe in ways people might be talking about, maybe in other ways". It's also a vivid depiction of how it's possible to grow older with someone and also grow apart from them.



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