Schooled by Pruitt on pollution


Today, Department of Transportation Secretary (DOT) Elaine Chao and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt will revisit the previous administration's rule that finalized standards to increase fuel economy to the equivalent of 54.5 mpg for cars and light-duty trucks by Model Year 2025.

"Administrator Pruitt's comments are perfectly in keeping with the scientific integrity policy", EPA spokesman John Konkus said in an email.

Speaking last week to the network's "Squawk Box", Pruitt sparked the ire of climate groups-and contradicted his own statements to the U.S. Senate-when he said, "I would not agree that [carbon dioxide] is a primary contributor to the global warming that we see". "There is an ongoing scientific debate on climate change, its causes and its effect".

The Washington Post, for one, wrote last week that "Scientists can not say exactly how much warming will occur after a given amount of carbon dioxide is pumped into the atmosphere - and probably will not be able to until after the warming has occurred".

"Administrator Pruitt undermines the agency's mission and its integrity by contradicting basic facts that EPA scientists have studied, verified, and communicated for years", the complaint, which asks for an investigation into the comments, reads. "It's meant to protect the public from bad decision-making that's not based on real facts", she said.

Saxonhouse also believes the agency should go further to enforce its policies requiring staff and officials parrot studies showing a link between human design and climate change.

This statement runs counter to the vast majority of climate science, including a statement on the EPA's website at the time of Pruitt's comments: "Research indicates that natural causes do not explain most observed warming, especially warming since the mid-20th century".

"It is critical that EPA and all federal agencies maintain effective conflict of interest policies and ethics requirements in order to ensure government operates in an honest and transparent manner", the letter said.



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