Samsung may reveal foldable smartphone prototype in Q3


Industry sources claim that Samsung's current deadline for manufacturing a foldable smartphone is Q3 2017 as the South Korean tech giant is apparently adamant to see whether such a device is commercially viable in the near future. "They are going to examine the quality and performance of these prototypes internally and gather responses from markets in advance by giving them to major customers such as mobile network providers", says the publication.

"Samsung Electronics is working on making [the] appearance of its foldable smartphone more luxurious and elegant as it is an ultra-premium smartphone". When prototypes are produced during third quarter, it is likely that official mass-production will take place in 2018.

Along with Samsung, panel manufacturers of China are also speeding up the development process for foldable display prototypes. With foldable displays getting showcased at earlier trade shows, it was only a matter of time before they got reduced in size to the point where they could be used on smartphones and tablets. Another reason behind the production of prototype is to analyse the market reception.

Chinese companies are pursuing after development of foldable Smartphones very rapidly. Samsung will supposedly manufacture thousands of units of the prototype. Android OEMs like Lenovo, Oppo or Vivo are already working with display makers like BOE, Visionox and AUO towards reaching this goal.

Samsung has already shown the foldable screen technology that has four different modes - rollable, bent, curved, and foldable.

Speaking to ETNews, an unnamed industry analyst is quoted as saying: "Although Samsung needs to implement qualities that correspond to its brand image, it is paying careful attention to Chinese companies as it looks not to lose "world's first foldable Smartphone" title to Chinese companies". With that being said, the prototypes will instead be produced in the third quarter, which will then be distributed to testers and partners for get feedback about the said device. As for Samsung's foldable handset, the OLED screen will be provided by the company's own Samsung Display.



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