Premier League to crack down on Kodi users


Premier League to crack down on Kodi users

The Premier League has won a High Court order allowing it to clamp down on viewing of live games via Kodi devices.

The Premier League is acting with the support of Sky and BT, which each pay millions for every match they broadcast and fear the popularity of Kodi boxes is eroding the value of their spending on exclusive rights.

According to BBC News, the new court order allows the Premier League to block the servers used to broadcast the streams rather than just shutting down individual streams.

The Premier League says it is now engaged in a range of activity to protect its intellectual property, and the "significant investment" made in the competition by live broadcast partners Sky Sports and BT Sport.

"We'll continue to work with rights holders, government, online market places and content creators to tackle today's piracy and make people aware of the risks it presents and the damage it causes".

According to a recent survey commissioned by the security firm Irdeto, Kodi boxes are particularly prevalent in the UK.

The Federation Against Copyright Theft (Fact) has always been campaigning against the use of Kodi, arguing that it's used to stream illegal content was becoming an "epidemic". It is important to be accurate here for the sake of both existing users and those who might be interested in giving it a go.

In a post about its consultation about Kodi boxes, the IPO said: "Despite the legitimate use of this equipment, software is widely available (illicit Kodi extensions being the best known) which connect the boxes to illegal content through streaming websites, file lockers and BitTorrent trackers".

Good riddance to the pirates, good riddance to illegal streaming and "bravo" for common sense. Some have even created businesses selling "fully loaded" Kodi boxes to other people.

Earlier this week Kodi boxes came under attack from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), after they launched a bid to try halt sales of the devices.



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