Photo of New Saudi Arabia Girls' Council Run by Men Goes Viral


Photo of New Saudi Arabia Girls' Council Run by Men Goes Viral

The launch of an inaugural girls' council in Saudi Arabia's al-Qassim province has sparked controversy, with a seemingly female-free panel at its unveiling.

It has been compared to another viral hit - an image of US President Donald Trump, surrounded by men, signing an abortion policy in January.

"The President and the Deputy Crown Prince noted the importance of confronting Iran's destabilizing regional activities, while continuing to evaluate and strictly enforce the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action", the United States statement read, referring to the nuclear pact by its formal name.

The State Department has approved the sale of guidance systems made by Raytheon Co., which awaits a final White House decision, the officials said.

The Saudis said Trump and the deputy crown prince "share the same views on the gravity of the Iranian expansionist moves in the region".

The revised ban, which goes into effect this week, doesn't include Saudi Arabia, even though more terrorists who've struck US targets have come from the Kingdom than from the six countries on the list.

On Mar. 14, Salman visited the White House for a lunch with Trump.

Saudi Press Agency said the royal would discuss the "strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries and regional issues of mutual interest". Their religious law dictates that women can not interact freely with men, drive a vehicle, practice sports or go for a swim, and they must wear a hijab or burka at all times.

Beyond the Saudi Arabia-Iran feud: Mehdi Hasan explains why a clash is not inevitable.

Since Sept. 11, 2001, no citizen of the countries listed on the travel ban - Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen - has killed an American in an act of terrorism, according to PolitiFact.

Saudi relations with Washington cooled under President Barack Obama after his administration secured a nuclear deal with regional rival Iran.

The adviser also said the two had discussed problems with the Iran nuclear deal.

The Western response to the Saudi "Girls Council" shows a major pitfall of criticizing other cultures from a Western perspective - especially when that culture is often the subject of bigotry in Europe and the U.S.



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