Pasco judge rules Curtis Reeves will stand trial for murder


Pasco judge rules Curtis Reeves will stand trial for murder

They believe Reeves simply allowed his anger to get the best of him during a heated confrontation - a textbook example of second-degree homicide.

Judge Susan Barthle heard testimony from prosecutors and the defense to determine if the Stand Your Ground law meets the criteria in the Curtis Reeves murder trial.

The shooting occurred inside Cobb Theatre in Wesley Chapel after an argument about Oulson using his cell phone during the movie previews.

She found that while Reeves testified he was hit in the outside corner of his left eye with a cellphone or a fist, that "common sense and the credible testimony of the medical examiner" casts doubt that he was hit in the eye beneath his glasses. The logical conclusion is that he was trying to justify his actions after the fact. The men again started arguing when Reeves returned, unsuccessful in his search for a manager.

During the hearing, Reeves testified that Oulson had attacked him and he was in fear for his life. He began an argument with Oulson, prompting Oulson to stand up and eventually throw a bag of popcorn at Reeves, theater surveillance video showed.

Then-U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder renounced the Florida law after Zimmerman's acquittal and said it undermines public safety and likely encourages violence. I really feel this was a bastardization of the "stand your ground" law. Even his wife doesn't agree with his claim.

"On the contrary, he is quite a large and robust man", Barthle wrote of Reeves. He also appeared quite self-assured when he was testifying, and certainly did not appear to be a man who was afraid of anyone. An instant later, Reeves pulled a gun from his pocket and fired.

Grimaldi said they're prepared for a long delay because the defense likely will appeal the "stand your ground" ruling and that a trial probably wouldn't happen until next year.

"I expected her to disagree with what Reeves".

Oulson's widow, Nicole - who was in the cinema with her husband at the time, said in 2014 that Chad was texting their daughter's babysitter at the time of the shooting. "This is a great outcome we had today, but it doesn't bring Chad back". A date for the jury trial has not yet been set.



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