Overwatch reveals new hero Orisa


Overwatch reveals new hero Orisa

Her ultimate is named Supercharger, and once it is activated, nearby teammates will receive an increase in their damage output. The sheen recharges ten seconds after use, and you can tell when it's active because she'll hold her left arm up in a protective gesture. "And what we mean by that is that Reinhardt nearly anchors the entire team".

While everyone is overwhelmingly excited (and rightly so) for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Horizon: Zero Dawn, I am losing my mind over the announcement of a brand new Overwatch hero. In this sense, people would refer to Orisa as an omnic (as they would for Zenyatta and Bastion), particularly because the model she is based on (the OR14) was originally created prior to and during the Omnic Crisis.

And, if you are on defense, you could conceivably have Orisa rather than Reinhardt, and simply plop her shield down at a choke point, but a Reinhardt shield still has more health, so it might not be worth it.

The main ability that makes Orisa a tank is her deployable protective barrier. "We wanted another tank that teams could build around or position around", he explained.

Unlike Reinhardt who can only wield his Barrier Field and release the odd Fire Strike until he gets close enough to swing his hammer (effectively he's there to allow the rest of his team to do the heavy lifting), Orisa does things differently. Of course, it may ultimately be that Efi's homemade hero will soften their stances - though we won't find out whether that'd be so until they patch in the character interactions. "I'll follow Orisa, she'll put the barrier up, we'll follow her in and we'll engage in that regard".

Kaplan also spoke about how all of the current characters have played a part in the larger history of the game.

You can try her out right now in the public-test realm servers, although she is yet to be made playable in public matches.

Along with introducing us to Orisa, the video also confirms that Doomfist was the one responsible for the airport attack. There's no release date for her yet, but Kaplan promises "we're going to keep working on her until she is just right and just flawless". Orisa's self-professed primary function is "to keep you safe". Lord knows that the tank lineup needed a bit of a boost, as plenty of other hero archetypes have been getting a lot of love and attention as of late. Looking forward to hero 25? How long will players wait for the hero to be revealed?



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