NH Meals On Wheels Providers Nervous About Trump Budget


That means the program in the Detroit suburb could serve one meal a day instead of two, she said.

Some Meals on Wheels programs get funding through an agency with the Department of Health and Human Services, which could be facing budget cuts. Right now in Chatham County alone, there's a wait list 400 people long, all seniors trying to get the services of Meals on Wheels.

Ham walked the rest of the panel through some of the problems with the community block grant program. "No one wants to cut anything", told the CNN panel, "And I think that was the most revealing thing, as it often is, that we can not have a grown-up conversation about actually making priorities in government".

"Our funding comes from other entities through federal grants and other areas".

Beulah McField, executive director of Meals on Wheels, was all smiles Friday when a truckload of goods turned up on the doorstep of the T.E. McField Youth and Community Centre on School Road in George Town.

"It's a federal issue, and we're going to leave it at that", city spokesman Ryan Johnson said of funding for the program.

Mick Mulvaney, the Office of Management and Budget director, said that the funding source the administration seeks to eliminate - the Department of Housing and Urban Development's community development block grants - accounts for just 3 percent of Meals on Wheels' overall funding.

But on Sunday, the Trump administration answered an emphatic "no" to the question of whether the budget would gut Meals on Wheels.

Libarkin delivers meals to people across Lansing every week. "So, while we don't know the exact impact yet, cuts of any kind to these highly successful and leveraged programs would be a devastating blow to our ability to provide much-needed care for millions of vulnerable seniors in America, which in turn saves billions of dollars in reduced healthcare expenses".

Fairfield, Calif., gave its local Meals on Wheels $10,539 of CDBG money in 2015, after giving it $0 for the previous four years. No cuts will be made without approval from congress. It is unknown whether any part of this reduction will include the Nutrition Service Programs, which helps to fund Meals on Wheels. Meals on Wheels relies heavily on donations. But some programs in Albany County, like the Heating Energy Assistance Program, is directly funded by the federal government and is on the chopping block.



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