Microsoft Surface Phone Is All Talk, No Action


Microsoft Surface Phone Is All Talk, No Action

The new Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is anticipated to be released this 2017.

Microsoft has so far been keeping quite a tight lid on the details regarding their highly awaited new 2-in-1 hybrid tablet laptop, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Although the Redmond Company has consistently remained tight-lipped regarding the release of such a smartphone device, that has not slowed down the rumor mills from speculating about one of the most popular devices tipped to make its mark in the smartphone market.

Meanwhile, News4c revealed that there are two recent leaks about Surface Pro 5.

That means, everything that Surface Pro 5 needed for its release, including Windows 10 Creators Update, is now coming together in a matter of weeks. Fans were hopeful that the tech giant would at least give subtle hints of its existence and possible release date.

Everyone believes that the upcoming iPad Pro 2 model will be bundled with a bunch of different accessories which can be used to enhance the tablet's multi tasking functionalities thus making it able to compete with Surface Pro 5. No such accessory for the new iPad Pro other than an Apple Pencil and a smart keyboard, which Microsoft is likely to match with its own stylus and keyboard case.

A leak claimed that Pegatron, the Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company who made the Surface Studio, has been chosen, yet again, to produce the device. It is also expected that Surface Pro 5 will have a USB Type-C support and a long battery life. Like its predecessor, Surface Pro 4 was launched in October 2015, while Surface Book i7 was in October 2016.

The upcoming Creators Update will be the first major update for the operating system for the year. If the Surface Pro will be launched early this year, then an ARM processor would be highly unlikely because it is slated for a debut later this year. With Redstone 3, things will get even better.

We're sensing that frustration with the Surface Phone as well, but unless it has something unique to offer, like the ability to bring a seamless desktop experience into the realm of mobile, it won't have as big an impact.



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