Mark Zuckerberg to receive honorary Harvard degree 12 years after dropping out


Mark Zuckerberg to receive honorary Harvard degree 12 years after dropping out

Zuckerberg is returning to Harvard to present a speech at the 366th commencement of the university program, which is scheduled to take place om May 25, 2017. "Few inventions in modern times can rival Facebook in its far-reaching impact on how people around the globe interact with one another", said Harvard President Drew Faust in the press release.

Twelve years ago, Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of Harvard to concentrate on developing his online social network platform which is now worth almost 400 billion dollars and is one of the largest companies in the world.

On the other hand, Faust acknowledged the commitment of Mark Zuckerberg to science advancement, education enhancement, and opportunity expansion through the pursuit of philanthropy.

"They know we actually didn't graduate?"

The Ivy League college posted a cheeky video on Twitter where Zuckerberg asks fellow Harvard dropout and Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates for advice.

He recalls the time Gates gave the commencement address ten years ago when he was in attendance as his wife Priscilla graduated.

Mr. Gates even played it better than him in the Harvard University teaser clip. The social network was once exclusively for college students, but now is used by more than 1 billion people each day. The site rapidly grew in popularity, prompting the New York-native to drop out of Harvard and pack up operations to Palo Alto, California.

Gates was awarded a similar honorary degree by Harvard in 2007 when he had given their commencement speech that year. Good luck on your speech.

"Two ways to get a Harvard degree - go to class or build a company that changes the world", writes Deborah Liu on Facebook.

The video shows Mark and Bill just hanging out when Zuckerberg's invitation to speak at Harvard arrives.




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