Jeff Bezos' space company enters next stage


Jeff Bezos' space company enters next stage

Blue Origin's New Glenn rocket - named after John Glenn, the former astronaut and USA senator who was the first American to orbit Earth - will be capable of flying farther than Blue Origin's New Shepard, which is created to reach the edge of space to provide tourists a few minutes of weightlessness. The name of the company is Blue Origin.

Bezos announced the partnership at the event by inviting Eutelsat Chief Executive Officer Rodolphe Belmer on stage after delivering remarks about the progress of Blue Origin's reusable rocket launches. Interestingly, this also outlines one of the few prominent differences between SpaceX and Blue Origin's modus operandi. The video won't win any awards for special effects, and it looks a bit like school project if we're being totally honest, but it gives you an idea of what the company has in mind. The company has already signed a contract with France-based TV provider Eutelsat to put one of the latter's satellites into the geostationary orbit after 2021. Assuming it all goes well, the battle for the private spaceflight industry could get pretty heated.

The use of BE-4 engine will not be confined to New Glenn rocket, as another user will be the United Launch Alliance for its Vulcan rocket coming up as a successor to the Atlas V rocket.

The animation shows the two stage version of the New Glenn vehicle (there is also a three stage vehicle on the board) that will fly sometime around 2020, and will be capable of delivering roughly ~45 tons to low-earth orbit, or ~13 tons to geostationary orbit.

Until recently, Bezos has been bankrolling the Blue Origin venture nearly exclusively.

Eutelsat is a French satellite provider that plans to send up a geostationary satellite, a satellite created to stay in orbit 22,300 miles above the Earth's equator.

"Eutelsat is one of the world's most experienced and innovative satellite operators, and we are honored that they chose Blue Origin and our New Glenn orbital launch vehicle", Bezos said in a statement. The main engine has been in the making for many years.

"It'll be very exciting because it'll bring that advanced Russian engine cycle technology to America, and it will make it much much better because this engine will be additively manufactured", Bruno said. Engineers unveiled the engine, fully assembled for the first time, on Monday.

Eutelsat will launch its next satellite at the end of April using an Ariane 5 rocket.

A space race, including Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic, could gain steam under the new administration, after President Donald Trump said in his inaugural address that the "ready to unlock the mysteries of space".

Eutelsat said the New Glenn launcher will be compatible with "virtually all" of its satellites, allowing the company to assign a spacecraft to the mission 12 months ahead of time. "This can only be good news for the profitability and sustainability of our industry".



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