Intruder arrested at White House


Intruder arrested at White House

The U.S. Secret Service said the breach occurred at 11:38 p.m. when the person managed to get over an outer-perimeter fence near the Treasury Building on East Executive Avenue.

The Secret Service agent, identified in documents as a member of the White House's Uniform Division, arrested Tran after he said the suspect told him he had jumped the fence.

The backpack carried by the intruder was screened and searched, and no hazardous material was found, according the statement.

A Secret Service official said the intruder was detained at the first layer of security and did not pose a threat to Trump, who was in the residence at the time.

He was arrested just after making it inside the doors, the Secret Service said at the time. Similar incidents occurred during Obama's rule, including the widely reported instance involving USA army veteran Omar Gonzalez.

The White House could not be reached immediately to confirm the report.

Brian Tran, the suspect's 19-year-old brother, told CNN that the suspect had graduated from San Jose State University with an engineering degree and had recently been laid off from an engineering job.

He was discovered near to the south entrance to the presidential residence, according to officials.

"This is really troubling", said Jonathan Wackrow, an ex-Secret Service agent.

Tran was arraigned in D.C. Superior Court on Saturday and charged with entering or remaining in restricted grounds with a weapon. Here is a history of some of the more high-profile recent breaches of White House security. "It was very sad", the president said. In 2014, Gonzalez made it farther than any other White House intruder and was allegedly carrying a knife.

Joseph Caputo, carrying an envelope and cloaked in the American flag, leapt over the White House fence.



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