Infiniti Q60 Project Black S Could Spawn Lineup of New Performance Models


Infiniti Q60 Project Black S Could Spawn Lineup of New Performance Models

This souped-up Infiniti Q60 shows how it could happen.

When asked if adapting the Q60's distinctive, nearly decorative exterior, to a bolder more macho look was a hard task, Weaver said: 'The Q60 has a strong image. Based on its sleek and elegant flagship coupe, the Q60, the Black S version gives the Q60 a more aggressive attitude thanks to matte grey paint and carbonfibre aero additions.

Powering the stylish saloon is a 3.0-litre V6 twin-turbo engine from the new and exclusive VR powertrain family, which was nominated from 2017 Ward's '10 Best Engines'. "We call it hand of the artist, or hand of the craftsmen" Weaver explains.

The Infiniti Project Black S is a radical rework of the Q60 coupe said to celebrate the brand's association with the Renault Formula One team. Developed by Renault F1 engineers the KERS harvests energy, for example, developed under braking, to boost power and torque, pushing the car's output to 500bhp. The race auto aura that the concept sports helps emphasise the alliance between Infiniti and Renault Sport F1 as technical partners.

With the Q60 Project Black S, Infiniti has installed a high-performance hybrid powertrain inspired by the power unit of Renault's 2017 F1 vehicle, whose energy recovery system Infiniti helped developed. It's then converted to electrical energy and stored in lithium-ion batteries before being used to spin the turbocharges turbine shaft or directly send drive to the transmission. Further tuning to the chassis and suspension are also part of the package.

A larger bumper enhances sporty styling and flared arches, along with large air intakes and a chin spoiler. The engineering team of Black S concept would want to replicate that system with a large and costly exercise in road auto application.

Infiniti hasn't confirmed whether it will actually build the Q60 Project Black S, or not. Cars sporting the Black S trim, as clarified by this concept, will be more performance-oriented.

Roland Krueger, President of Infiniti said: "Infiniti is the premium auto manufacturer within the Renault-Nissan Alliance, and a technical partner to the Renault Sport Formula One Team, so it is natural that we come together to explore the possibility of bringing innovative high-performance hybrid technology to our customers".

Infiniti also used the Geneva motor show to launch an update to its Q50 saloon.



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