Donald Trump's Approval Rating Has Hit A New Low


Donald Trump's Approval Rating Has Hit A New Low

But the Real Clear Politics average of polls shows that Trump's approval rating is now at 43.7%. A number of other officials also have been under the radar for similar interactions. Trump keeps pushing for his big, handsome border wall in the south for which Mexico has no intention of paying, despite the president's pledges to the contrary. But his tumultuous first two months in the White House show that poll respondents seem not to approve of his actions, which have resulted in protests, court cases, and Senate hearings.

"Just heard Fake News CNN is doing poll despite the fact that their election polls were WAY OFF disaster", Trump tweeted.

Despite controversy over his remarks about conversations with Russia's ambassador during the election campaign, Attorney General Jeff Sessions had a higher rating, at 38 percent.

Trump was quick on Monday to tweet a denunciation of CNN, which reported but did not take the poll.

The commander in chief's approval rating fell to a new low over the weekend to 37 percent, according to the latest Gallup poll. As it now stands, Trump's low ratings are the most extreme at such an early rate than any president in at least the last 70 years, according to Gallup.

Though Trump's approval rating reached a new low Monday, it has been among its highest levels since the beginning of March.

Trump's advisers have proven similarly unfavorable with Americans. This makes him the least popular president at this point in his first term since Gallup began the poll in 1945. "The need for my executive order is clear".

The numbers are almost the exact reverse of what former president Barack Obama received on his way out of office, with Gallup reporting 59 percent approving and just 37 percent disapproving, for the time period of January 16-19.



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