Disney: Nothing Beastly in Beauty Box Office


Disney: Nothing Beastly in Beauty Box Office

However, mainland China had absolutely no issue with the film - which centers around the romance between Emma Watson and a kidnapping buffalo - and its "gay moment", releasing it across the country with no cuts, and no parental advisories.

If Beauty and the Beast's success has confirmed anything it's that Disney's live action remakes of their animated classics aren't going to stop anytime soon.

This is what makes Disney such a powerhouse.

Theater owner Jim Kopp said the drive-in held a similar event in 2015, when Disney released a live-action remake of "Cinderella".

More box office estimates to come...

It was a fairy tale opening for Disney's live-action Beauty and the Beast remake, which set a host of records with its global box office take of $350 million U.S. worldwide this weekend.

Watson was reportedly offered United States dollars three million upfront, but her profits will likely end up being considerably larger upon the film's total gross. So generous that Beauty and the Beast cleared the room of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice with a stiff wind. Headed to a record-breaking $170 million opening weekend, it's safe to say fans were not disappointed.

Emma Watson is raking in the cash thanks to Disney's live-action "Beauty and the Beast". If it goes along with the trajectory of last year's live action remake The Jungle Book, it's looking at a new March opening weekend record of $168.5 million.

It carries a hefty $160 million budget but it has already recouped that and looks likely to earn far more as its run continues. It may be the most successful as well, if this monster opening is any indication.

First up, those numbers make it the biggest opening weekend for a PG movie, both in America - where the previous record holder was Finding Dory with $135 million - and internationally.

For the last couple of weeks, all you've probably heard is news regarding Beauty and The Beast's gay involving LeFou.

The latest production is about Belle, a bookish girl in France played by Harry Potter star Emma Watson, who helps a tortured Beast (Dan Stevens of Downton Abbey fame) break out of his shell.



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