Day care worker caught on camera shoving child in Pennsylvania


Day care worker caught on camera shoving child in Pennsylvania

- Police in Upper Darby held a press conference Monday that addressed the disturbing moment a day care worker pushed a child.

Video released to the public shows the four-year old girl trying to carefully walk down some stairs before Gable steps into the frame. The surveillance camera was installed just minutes before the assault. The child is back at the daycare.

The accused worker, Sarah Gable was immediately fired and is facing charges.

Shawayne Tavares is a caretaker at the daycare center in Clifton Heights, a suburb of Philadelphia. Gable was apparently struggling with the child before the push. Then, for seemingly no reason, Gable approaches from behind and shoves the girl down approximately six steps. While on the landing, Gable looks straight into the camera. "She picked up the shoe and tried to come to the end of the stairs like, "Oh, it was her shoe" that caused her to fall", Tavares told WCAU.

"It just hurt me".

Fortunately the 4-year-old girl was not seriously hurt, but Tavares says she was definitely shaken up.

NBC reports the child suffered a minor knee injury and the Gable was sacked from the daycare center.

On Monday, Chitwood described what he'd seen on the video as what he considered "a horrific act" and "a betrayal of trust". Chitwood also praised the daycare centre for quickly notifying police.

Gable had reportedly worked at the daycare center for about a year but she had about 25 years of experience working in child care. One parent was shocked by what happened because he considered Gable to be one of the best teachers at the daycare facility. Police do not have a motive for the alleged assault against the child.



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