Conway Blasts 'Fake News' Headlines About Her Microwave Spying Remark


Conway Blasts 'Fake News' Headlines About Her Microwave Spying Remark

And that's where we get our latest Kellyanne Head-Scratcher.

"What I can say is there are many ways to surveil each other", Conway told the Record's Mike Kelly on Sunday.

What is she talking about?

Lest we forget what WikiLeaks taught us last week, if something is on the internet, it's probably watching, or at least listening.

Trump himself ignored repeated requests from a reporter on Friday to back up his wiretap accusation. But it's not. To clear things up, here's a very brief explainer of how microwave ovens and cameras work, and how they can not turn into each other, unless you are Harry Potter.

'The question is why were you doing this? It's hardly the first time.

And yet, when questions come up about his out-of-the-blue assertion that President Obama had Trump's telephone lines tapped past year, here's adviser Kellyanne Conway's response: "He is the president of the United States". Wiretapping a US citizen would require special permission from a court, and Trump as president would have the ability to declassify that information.

On Monday, Conway repeated her claims during an appearance on NBC's "Today".

She remarked that even a simple thing like a microwave oven can be used as a spying device.

Representative Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the House panel, said on ABC's "This Week" that he expected to see no such evidence and suggested that none existed.

Senator John McCain said on Sunday that he expects President Trump to either provide evidence for his claim that President Obama ordered a wiretap on him, or retract the accusation. "That's what investigations are for". As the commander in chief and de facto leader of law enforcement in the country, it is Trump's solemn responsibility to immediately share whatever evidence he has about these alleged heinous crimes with the Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation so that Obama can be brought to justice.

"The answer is I don't have any evidence and I'm very happy that the House intelligence committee (is) investigating", Conway told ABC's "Good Morning America".

"And I answered about surveilling generally", Conway said. Kellyanne Conway thinks spying on someone through a microwave is "just a fact of modern life".

The House Intelligence Committee has asked White House to provide evidence of its allegations by Monday.

Because it allows to perpetuate conspiracy theories in a back-handed "I'm not saying, but I'm saying" kind of way.



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