Bill Gates Net Worth 2017


Bill Gates Net Worth 2017

Hart - a tow-truck driver turned investor - is worth US$9.5 ($NZ13.5b), and climbed the ranks from being the world's 178th richest person previous year.

Cook, 54, is among only three Hoosiers on the latest list.

President Donald Trump is the nation's first billionaire president - but he's not as rich as he used to be, according to the Forbes 2017 Billionaires List published Monday.

His net worth is $8.2 billion. Forbes' staff determined that 2017 was a "record year for the richest people on earth", concluding that the number of top earners rose from 1,810 in the world last year to 2,043 billionaires for 2017.

But not all of the trends were negative for Trump. Kraft finished at the top of the rankings among Boston sports owners, beating Bruins owner Jeremy Jacobs ($4.3 billion, 402nd) and Red Sox owner (as well as owner and publisher of Boston Globe Media, the parent company of John Henry, who ranked 814th with a net worth of 2.5 billion.

"Midtown Manhattan real estate is down; therefore, so is Donald Trump's fortune", the magazine said in a statement. Jeff Bezos (No. 3) saw his fortune increase by $27.6 billion for a total net worth of $72.8 billion.

Coming in at 17th on the CT list and 1,940th on the global list is William Macaulay of Greenwich, with a net worth of $1 billion.

Chandler is worth US$1.91b ($2.7b), a drop from US$2.45b ($3.5b) in 2016.

While Mr. Trump's net worth slipped, more people were qualifying for the list.

"But it's not exactly shocking, given the rapid transition over the last 20 years away from shopping in physical retail stores in lieu of online shopping, where retailers like Amazon can offer lower pricing on products and services because they don't have to offset the costs of also paying for physical stores", Yahoo Finance reported.

He is listed by Forbes as a United States citizen, but became a New Zealand citizen six years ago.

Warren Buffett was second after his net worth rose by almost $15 billion, to $75.6 billion.

For the fourth consecutive year, Microsoft co-founder and philanthropist Bill Gates topped this year's rich with an estimated fortune of around $86bn.



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