BBC team dodges 'burning boulders' fleeing volcanic explosion on Mount Etna


BBC team dodges 'burning boulders' fleeing volcanic explosion on Mount Etna

Scientists, tourists and a television news crew were among 10 people injured in a "violent explosion" Thursday when magma spewing from Sicily's Mount Etna hit snow, officials said.

Fortunately, she said, everyone at the volcano escaped with their lives and without serious injuries.

Morelle said that a volcanologist at the scene told her it was the most risky incident he had experienced in his 30-year-career.

"Lava flow mixed with steam caused huge explosion - group pelted with boiling rocks and steam".

After a quiet couple of years, Etna burst into action in February with repeated explosive eruptions that sent orange plumes of lava into the air.

Earlier this month warnings were put out that ash clouds from Mount Etna could cause travel chaos across southern Europe, including delayed flights.

Video filmed Wednesday shows bursts of lava and volcanic ash as the mountain exploded nearly constantly throughout the day, according to Italy's Geology and Vulcanology Institute, which published the footage. Six people were hospitalized, according to Italian news agency ANSA, mostly with head injuries in non-critical condition.

The Catania operation centre of Italy's volcanology institute said members of a team taking measurements on the volcano had been injured.

The explosion reportedly occurred when magna from the volcano hit snow.

It is not known what the BBC crew were doing at the volcano.

A BBC team and some tourists were on the mountain when the explosion happened.

She added that a 78-year-old woman was very close to the blast, but managed to get away safely.



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