Banks meets with Trump to push health-bill changes


Banks meets with Trump to push health-bill changes

The tight three-week schedule that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell have set for passage of the bill does not leave supporters much time to rally the votes that they will need for the American Health Care Act to become law.

The next step for House Republicans will be to revise the bill to prepare it for House and Senate votes.

Trump also bragged about flipping a number of conservative Republican lawmakers from "no" votes on that plan to "yes" votes after meeting with a group of them at the White House.

"My whip count indicates that there are 40 no's", enough to defeat the bill, said Rep. Mark Meadows, R-N.C., who leads the hard-line House Freedom Caucus. Medicaid, which provides health benefits to poorest and often sickest, would be slashed by $880 billion over 10 years.

In what seemed like conflicting signals, Price said Friday that President Donald Trump "is very supportive" of the legislation, even though Trump himself has recently called the existing bill "very preliminary".

According to multiple reports, Trump and the RSC agreed to some sort of an amendment package including a Medicaid block grant option for states.

Given the CBO "scoring" of their bill, House Republicans ought to start over on their plan to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Other senators raised complaints at the weekly caucus meeting, which also included Vice President Mike Pence and Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, and key House Republicans Greg Walden (Ore.), chair of the Energy and Commerce Committee, and Kevin Brady (Texas), chair of the Ways and Means Committee.

"I can tell you that the people of Wisconsin did not send me to Washington to take away people's health care, and I won't support repealing the guaranteed health care protections and care that people have today", says Baldwin. "We made a promise to the American people". Others in the GOP, however, said the report was another sign that the bill wouldn't work as an ACA replacement. Conservatives say this change gives states more flexibility.

Their healthcare overhaul imperiled from all sides, the White House and top House Republicans acknowledged on Wednesday that they would make changes to the legislation in hopes of nailing down votes needed to pass the the party's showpiece legislation soon. "It remains a disaster".

Nevada Sen. Dean Heller says he can't support the House GOP health care bill in its current form, leaving the measure short of the support it needs in the Senate.

Ryan, the chief proponent of the plan, acknowledged the challenges of winning over lawmakers. "It's not the right thing to do for the people". "We're trying to make sure that we address as many of these concerns as possible without destroying the bill. and without losing votes but adding votes".

Republican Representative Jim Jordan of OH, a founder of the conservative House Freedom Caucus, said it does not go far enough to meet Republicans' promise to kill Obamacare.

Rep. Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin is concerned with how many employers would provide coverage under the Republican-sponsored plan.

Senate leaders did their best to dismiss the nonpartisan CBO review of the legislation, which found it would increase the number of people without insurance by 14 million in the first year, and by 24 million within a decade ― almost double the estimate for Obamacare. Obamacare expanded insurance to about 20 million Americans.



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