Alonso expecting "incredible and immediate" reaction from McLaren


Alonso expecting

46 laps in the McLaren MCL32 and Fernando Alonso faced the media with questions positively regarding himself, and yes, he most definitely fired a few shots across the bow of the teams engine supplier, Honda.

Is this the engine spec you'll have for Australia?

Although this season will be Vandoorne's first as a full-time race driver, the former GP2 Champion has been with McLaren since Honda re-joined as their engine partner in 2015. The Honda engine has no reliability and no power. For Australia we'll have to hope for more, we have to be hopeful because the last two specs we worked with didn't match our expectations.

Ahead of the works Anglo-Japanese collaboration's third consecutive season, it is clear patience is running out as Honda struggle once again to supply a competitive and reliable power unit. Alonso also noted that they are still discovering little things about the vehicle, but there is nothing to worry for Australia.

When do you believe you'll be able to get on top of all the issues and get all the potential out of the auto?

"It [progress] will depend a lot from the big decisions that have to be made at the top", he said.

"It's not been the best test for us in terms of mileage over the four days I've had in the auto, but it's all part of the learning", said Vandoorne.

Alonso said that as of Wednesday, Honda was actually down on power compared to past year but is confident more power would come for the Australia race-spec engine.

"We are a big team".

"Things you normally discover on day or day two in winter testing". It brings me more motivation to continue and to win, because I will not stop racing without a good feeling, and a good result that I think I deserve. We can attack the corners, we can feel there's a lot more grip, so that was a nice and positive surprise. Now we can drive flat out, the way we like, not like little kids to keep the tyres alive, to prevent unusual things from happening, etc. When you are 30 km/h down on every straight, it is hard also to have a feeling on the auto. I feel really strong driving this year with these cars, I can use my driving style, my quick input on the steering wheel on entries like in the old days, so I'm really enjoying it. Adding up all the time lost on the straights, you get the gap we have to the faster cars.

"Overnight, we'll be hard at work preparing our chassis for the final day of running tomorrow". Less than an hour later, he was back on track, but for mere seconds as... If you see this driver would win with that auto, you can not really know - you never know. We are 30 kph down on the straight.

"We are not completing our programme and we are not doing the laps that we plan every morning, and we are missing some information with the lack of laps".

"I think the vehicle is good". I think every lap we do, there is a lot of information coming to the team, and improving the situation slowly. What I see on the track, what I see myself, it's at the best level. "I prepared for Bahrain 2016 was much less preparation". And looking at their auto, would you like to have moved there? "Everything feels good, but when you arrive to normal speed you don't know what is going to happen.".

"When you do more laps you discover other things". What matters is to try different set-ups, hard, soft, different ride heights and get to the end of the day knowing in which conditions the auto performs better.



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