Air plane collision over Canadian shopping mall kills one, injures multiple


Air plane collision over Canadian shopping mall kills one, injures multiple

Both aircrafts were owned by Cargair, a Saint-Hubert flight school, located about 7 kilometres from the site of the accident. The only anomaly was that one of the pilots inexplicably and without making a radio call suddenly changed altitude. This video shows the wreckage of one of the planes in the parking lot.

"I looked up and one of them was making a unusual sound".

"I saw the shadow of the plane on the parking lot, and I heard the motor so low to the ground and then a loud boom", said Nheil Martinez, a construction worker who was renovating a part of the mall. Police at the scene told her "it was too late", and that he was already dead. His plane landed on the roof of the shopping centre, which was covered in a thick sheet of snow following a major storm earlier this week. No one else suffered serious injuries.

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating.

They will work with local authorities to determine exactly what happened.

A witness to the aftermath of a midair collision of two small planes in Quebec says he first thought it was a auto accident. One of the students had 40 hours on his student permit and the other was a private pilot with 140 hours working on his commercial ticket.

Adams also suggested that the ideal flying conditions on Friday meant there was likely a lot of air traffic around the airport.

The flight training, which Cargair has been providing to Chinese students for more than a decade, takes about 15 months, with pilots graduating with a commercial license that requires a minimum of 200 hours of flight time. They will also review the tower-pilot communication, as well as radar data showing the planes' flight paths. "Pilots are trained for that type of scenario, as are the air traffic controllers".



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