Patriots' Kraft to Trump: Get My Super Bowl Ring Back From Putin


Patriots' Kraft to Trump: Get My Super Bowl Ring Back From Putin

The owner of the New England Patriots is defending his relationship with President Trump, saying the NY real estate mogul comforted him following the death of his wife. Both Kraft and the Kremlin initially claimed the ring was a gift.

In 2005, Kraft was on a business trip to Russian Federation when he showed his ring to Putin. I do have an emotional attachment to that ring.

Kraft said he'd be willing to make a new one for the Russian leader in exchange for getting the second of his four Super Bowl rings back - and Trump could be the courier.

He even said he would be willing to get Putin a duplicate with a monogram upgrade if he sends him the original back.

"He called me once a week for a year", Kraft said. "Who knows, maybe if we win Sunday I can trade a new one with him - have one made up in a good spirit of friendship".

The Premier apparently tried it on and then took it without giving it back.

Kraft said he thought Trump's experience as a businessman would serve him well in the White House.

"I put my hand out and he put it in his pocket, and three KGB guys got around him and walked out". Putin admired his diamond ring and Kraft let him try it on. Kraft showed Putin the ring during this meeting and Putin made a decision to try it on saying "he sort of enjoyed it".

Meanwhile, the National Football League players association executive director DeMaurice Smith told CBS's "Face the Nation" he hopes Trump maintains Obamacare's support for preexisting conditions or else retired players may not have access to healthcare.

The Kremlin considers the summit a crucially important opportunity to set the tone to develop a strong worldwide relationship between the two countries.

"If we win on Sunday, I'm inviting him formally to come to our opener next season".

That meeting laid the foundations for a nuclear arms control treaty a year later.



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