EPA administrator Pruitt's emails from oil lobbyists released


CMD said the group provided Pruitt with "template language" for an Oklahoma petition, under the assumption that the arguments "is more credible coming from a State". "No right-wing cause seemed to be off-limits to Pruitt's public office as he focused on weakening protections for the climate and endangered species". Collectively, they could shed light on how closely Pruitt may be willing to work with the industries he's now in charge of regulating.

The EPA works to educate the public and sets regulations aimed at reducing the contribution to climate change.

The CMD was looking into possible ties Pruitt may have had with energy companies.

The emails further detail Pruitt's close relationship with the fossil fuel industry, a key reason environmental groups and Democrats vehemently opposed President Trump's pick to be the nation's No. 1 environmental watchdog. Mr. Pruitt, meeting with White House officials, made the case that the rule, which would rein in planet-warming methane emissions, would be harmful to his state's economy.

Among the emails is a series of 2013 exchanges between Pruitt's staff and Richard Moskowitz, general counsel for the Washington-based American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers.

No wonder Scott Pruitt couldn't find time to enforce a single environmental protection law while serving as Oklahoma attorney general.

The attorney general's office released more than 7,500 pages of emails late on Tuesday, holding back an unknown number of documents it called exempted or privileged.

Aaron Cooper, the attorney general's director of public affairs, emailed the group a clip of Pruitt talking about the Affordable Care Act on television and his upcoming op-ed on the topic.

Scores of EPA scientists, experts and lawyers actively fought Pruitt's nomination, beseeching senators to vote against him and organizing opposition via social media.

On February 21, Pruitt told EPA staff in his first address that he sought to "listen, learn, and lead" with input from the agency's 15,000 workers.

"I believe that we as an agency and we as a nation can be both pro-energy and jobs and pro-environment", he said in his first address to employees at the EPA. On his LinkedIn, Pruitt described himself as a "leading advocate against the EPA's activist agenda". Of course, Obama-era regulations were created to force polluters to invest in cleaner technology and move away from coal power, the nation's largest source of climate-warming greenhouse gas.

The records also show Pruitt and his aides were in regular contact with several oil and natural gas giants including the billionaire Koch brothers - a major source of funding for the Republicans. "We ought to be able to get together and wrestle through some very hard issues and do so in a civil manner", Mr. Pruitt said.

A month before one of Devon Energy's top lobbyists sent the draft letter on fracking to Pruitt's deputy solicitor general Clayton Eubanks, Eubanks gave Devon Energy officials the opportunity to edit a separate letter addressed to the EPA - this time about the regulation of methane emissions, a unsafe pollutant. (Edward Markey, Democrat of MA, put Pruitt on a rotating spit over the fact that, in 2011, a letter he wrote to the EPA opposing a federal regulation limiting methane gas leaks, a cause dear to Devon's black corporate heart, was copied almost word for word from a draft letter sent to him by the company.) It turns out that their spooning was even more ardent than the Senate surmised that it was.

The deputy solicitor general replied the next day telling Whitsitt he had sent the letter, writing "Thanks for all your help on this".



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