Cashier says God told her to help pay for family's groceries


Cashier says God told her to help pay for family's groceries

"She said 'I think y'all need a blessing tonight!' And she waked around to the machine and swiped the card", Ashley, 27, tells PEOPLE. She's raising kids of her own and certainly $100 out of her own account is significant. "I just wanted to say a thank you to her".

Desalt could not be reached for comment but she told a local television station that God told her to help pay for their groceries. "We pray at night and he answered through her, through Sharnique".

A Walmart cashier's heartwarming gesture to help a struggling SC family pay for groceries is going viral on social media. I didn't even know she had hard times or was on hard times or struggling... "I was in complete shock because I never expected anything like that to ever happen", Jordan wrote on Facebook.

She goes on to say that she is not a fan of shopping at Walmart because of how rude some of the people can be.

The mother, her husband, and their one-year-old daughter had two carts full of supplies in the checkout lane when they met Sharnique Dasant who walked over to the family and handed them $100, for no reason.

Dasant didn't know anything about Jordan's other two children back at home either: Cayleigh and Aubreigh.

Dasant says when she got on a register, it did not have bags so she had to switch. "Some months they can do it", said Jordan. We have the money.

WGHP reports that Ashley Jordan took to Facebook to describe the moment on Saturday.

Though we haven't heard boo (yet) from officials at Walmart, it goes without saying that a minimum wage cashier just schooled their entire PR department on the fundamentals of humanity. "And I just had like a little man on my shoulder that was like, 'Give her a $100 dollars, give her $100 dollars.' And I was like, 'give her $100 dollars?' Like, I'm talking to myself like, 'Give her 100 dollars!'"

"There's really nothing special about us". The cashier says, she was led by faith.

"I just want to do right and be right", said Dasant. I didn't expect this to go that viral.



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