Will President Elect Trump Seek to Repeal Obamacare or Is He Backpedalling?


Will President Elect Trump Seek to Repeal Obamacare or Is He Backpedalling?

Long before Donald J. Trump was elected to be the 45th president of the United States, it was obvious that there was something terribly wrong with Obamacare, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as it is officially called. It didn’t take a presidential election and the many campaign speeches focused on a broken healthcare system to know it was a mistake, irrevocably broken and in need of much more than repair.

President Elect Trump vowed to repeal Obamacare, replacing it with something much more sustainable and cost effective but will he really work towards that end or are the hints that he is backpedalling in any way accurate? Here is what we know.

This Is the Time to Get in on the Ground Floor of MSHA Careers

If change is really going to happen and if Obamacare is really to be repealed, now is the time to choose MSHA careers by getting your graduate work in now at schools such as Regis College. Hospital and healthcare facility administrators around the country will be called upon to offer input on how the ACA is not serving their institutions well and to offer suggestions on what it is they really need.

We Know that President Elect Trump May Keep Some of What Is Good in Obamacare

There are some provisions in Obamacare that President Elect Trump feels are valid and should be kept. He wants to keep the clause in that pre-existing conditions will not interfere with your ability to buy health insurance and we know that he likes the fact that adult children of policy holders can stay on their parents’ insurance for much longer than they had in the past. He says he “likes those (points) very much.” Unfortunately, this has led his critics to say he is backpedalling on campaign promises to repeal and abolish Obamacare.

Is this true and will he not do something to end what many are calling an abuse of Obama’s executive powers? At this time it isn’t exactly clear what Trump will do once he takes the Oval Office, but what we can surmise to date is that the president elect isn’t happy with mandating voters should buy health insurance. He doesn’t like the law that says the employed within a certain threshold ‘must’ buy insurance. He feels there is a better and more affordable way to ensure everyone has the coverage they need.

What You Should Conclude at this Point in Time

Instead of spending useless time debating whether or not Donald Trump is going to keep his campaign promises it would be far better to seek out ways in which to get in on the ground floor of change. This is the time to study for an advanced degree and seek healthcare administration jobs that can have you in position to help affect the changes so necessary to fix a broken system.

No one knows for sure what tomorrow will bring, but we do know that Donald J. Trump, as a businessman, knows that the ACA is anything but affordable and will make every effort to either fix it or abolish it. In either case, it’s a matter of waiting until after January 20, 2017. Until then, no one knows for sure so instead of thinking the worst, hope for the best. That’s really all you can do for now.



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