Sanders: 'I give Donald Trump his due'


When asked about his plans for 2020 Elections, Sanders said it was still "much too early to be talking about that". Bernie Sanders has been very vocal about universal healthcare and has taken to Twitter to point out that fifteen years ago Trump was in favor of universal health care.

Bernie Sanders said Senate Democratic leaders discussed Monday whether the party would flatly oppose any nominee President-elect Donald Trump selects for the Supreme Court, just as Republicans did previous year to President Barack Obama's choice of Merrick Garland.

"Millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump after he promised not to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid", Sanders has written to congressional colleagues in a letter also signed by Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. Sanders said he agreed with the intelligence committee's findings on Russian Federation. Sanders lost a close and contentious Democratic Primary that turned out to be basically rigged for Clinton as Wikileaks would exploit.

Thankfully, Sanders made it clear that there are some issues on which he'll never agree or work with Trump. "It was based on sexism, racism, on xenophobia". "What we have got to worry about is how we deal with the issues that impact us today". "We can't compromise on that issue". It would be silly for Congressional Democrats to oppose a massive infrastructure project, or paid maternity leave, exclusively because Trump proposed it. But Sanders isn't a proponent of all-out obstruction. "I believe we tell corporate America they've got to control their greed", he continued. We will do everything that we can to ensure that he accomplishes as little as possible, and then we'll go to the American people and say, 'See, this guy didn't accomplish anything.

"I don't think that's what we do", Sanders said.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders recently set the ground rules for the meme at a CNN TownHall by painting Trump as the bigoted President who wants to break up families. Sen.



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