Washington state electors join movement seeking to deny Trump the presidency


Washington state electors join movement seeking to deny Trump the presidency

VP-elect Pence got booed on Broadway last month, but there's a far more frustrating Hamilton story for Trump now. Many hurdles and legal unknowns exist, including laws in 29 states that prohibit so-called "faithless electors", who vote contrary to their state's population.

The public needs people like Art who will critically think about who they are going to vote for on December 19.

Democratic members of the electoral college who are trying to stop Donald Trump are raising money off their efforts.

AUSTIN, TX- A Texas Republican elector officially resigned this week, saying he can not in "good conscience vote for Donald Trump". Among the names of Republicans his group would back are former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Utah governor Jon Huntsman and Ohio Gov. John Kasich. He is reportedly considering filing a lawsuit to challenge the fine, arguing that any attempt to force electoral college members to vote against their conscience was unconstitutional.

Note, in their hypothetical scenario of bringing Trump's total below 270, the decision would go to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, which would likely support the Republican president-elect. She said she hasn't attempted to read all the emails, but most were urging her to cast her vote for Hillary Clinton.

State Sen. Doug Ericksen, R-Ferndale, a member of Trump's campaign team in Washington, dismissed the effort by Chiafalo and Guerra.

An upstart group of Electoral College voters have formed a political non-profit organization to fund a campaign to deny Donald Trump the presidency.

The Department of State says certain information, including a list of Electoral College electors, is publicly available as part of the Pennsylvania Election Code. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Green Party candidate Jill Stein has raised almost $7 million in the wake of the election to conduct vote recounts in three crucial states - Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin - where some statisticians believe Clinton might have won. But the question remains whether the will of the people will be reflected in the votes of the Electoral College.

The Hamilton electors - also known as faithless electors - "are pledging to put America first and vote for a responsible Republican alternative who can unify our country", according to their website. "But we do believe there's a very real path to this happening".



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