Romania confirms H5N8 bird flu in dead swan


Romania confirms H5N8 bird flu in dead swan

German authorities have culled 16,000 turkeys and have ordered for the slaughter of 92,000 chickens after detecting a strain of bird flu, according to a report.

Outbreaks of the highly contagious H5N8 strain have been reported in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Finland. Several strains have emerged, including H5N1, which has spread across the globe and is deadly to humans at a 60% rate.

Apparently, other countries such as Germany has been affected too.

Around 190,000 ducks have been destroyed across six Dutch bird farms in response to an avian flu epidemic.

The outbreaks killed some 5,600 birds out of a total of almost 283,500 on the farms. With almost 50 ducks dying of the virus last month at Delhi zoo, the State government had issued a health advisory asking people to not consume uncooked chicken or eggs.

Outbreaks of the virus are likely to occur in the next few weeks as wild birds, which are suspected to be the source of the virus, migrate southward, according to Reuters.

As a precaution, the zoo in northeastern Germany near the Polish border was shut down as veterinary officials determine how to protect the other birds in the facility, including swans, storks and many varieties of ducks. This outbreak prevention happened on Saturday at six farms in the Netherlands.

Holland is the world's second largest agricultural exporter and has more than 100 million hens, pigs, cows and sheep on high-intensity farms.

A laboratory worker in North Rhine-Westphalia tests a goose suspected of having bird flu.

Swedish agriculture department said the mass slaughter of hens in the farm will help them in preventing the expansion of bird flu virus. People can catch it from contact with infected birds or their droppings.



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