PlayStation Games Sony Will Bring to Mobile in 2017


RPG "Arc the Lad" is another series that is created and developed by the same team in the first game.

The introduction of PlayStation Games to the smartphone platform by Sony Japan will kick off from Aprll 2017 onward, where companion gadgets will also be part and parcel of the setup. The bad news is all these games will be initially launched in Japan and there's no telling if and when they will be available in other countries.

Sony revealed on Wednesday a total of 10 mobile gaming titles it is working on, including those to be released in the financial year starting in April.

Forward Works will also work in partnership with Nippon Ichi Software for games in the Disgaea and Yomawari franchises. The company unveiled Project Field that introduces a new way to play card games. Square Enix is also set to partner with the new company, however no specific game details have been announced. "There will be little synergy between mobile and console gaming within Sony", says Hideki Yasuda, an analyst at Ace Research Institute.

While disappointing sales of Wii U consoles helped push Nintendo into mobile gaming, Sony has been a decisive victor in console gaming with over 40 million PlayStation 4 sales, nearly double the sales of Microsoft Corp's XBox One.

Along the way, Sony would like to roll out what they call Project Field, which is a new "smartpad" that will hook itself up to smartphones as well as tablets, targeting those who love popular card games along the way. Yet growth has begun to plateau in recent years, and whether Sony's experience in console gaming can help it compete with established mobile rivals is questionable. Nintendo has said four mobile games will be released by the company before March 2017.



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